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“With the advent of online gambling and the anonymity it ensures, gambling and betting activities have acquired a global presence. It has, therefore, become more challenging for countries to monitor or curb these activities,” says the report. The observation is not too different from what American economist Gary Becker, a Nobel Laureate, once said: “I favour allowing online gambling, given the weak arguments against it, the common human desire to gamble, and also that addictive aspects of gambling are greatly exaggerated.” In the State of Bombay vs RMD Chamarbaugwalla case in 1957, the Supreme Court had observed that even the legendary Kautilya, celebrated for his strategical acumen, wasn’t averse to the State earning revenue from gambling. For the record, gambling is illegal in India. India’s gaming laws are governed by the Public Gambling Act, 1867, in which any agreement based on a wager (or chance) is termed as void. Allowing betting or gambling will entail amending the provisions of the Act. But large-scale illegal betting continues regardless, in the process, depriving the State of revenue-earning opportunities. A good option could be to legalise, regulate and tax the resultant income. This might help curb illegal syndicates.

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Ohio State | Gene Smith prepares for effects of gambling

Smith said he doesn’t foresee an injury report in college being as detailed as the NFL’s. He said that privacy concerns related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act must be taken into account in any proposal that would involve the release of a player’s injury status. Smith said there isn’t a timetable for trying to get a proposal passed. He added that it’s possible that other conferences or athletic directors are also formulating separate plans on the topic. It’s all part of navigating a new landscape that the Supreme Court ruling has created. Smith mentioned prop gambling — betting on a small part of a game instead of the overall outcome — as a particular worry. He said he envisioned a time when apps can issue a prop bet on, say, whether a kickoff goes out of bounds, or in basketball, if a player misses a free throw. “You can almost have a prop bet on anything,” Smith said. Gambling scandals have been a part of college sports for generations. But legal gambling creates potential issues that probably can’t even be foreseen yet.

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